Personal Hygiene Management for Dementia Patients


Due to the many duties involved in self-care for people with dementia, it may be challenging for them, or they may just forget to take care of their bathing/personal hygiene needs. Other than that, they are also concerned with other hygienic issues. For instance, some people may not want to be left alone because they are afraid of falling on the bathroom floor if they suddenly become disoriented while taking a shower.

They, therefore, require all the assistance they can obtain to take care of their personal hygiene requirements. Enrolling a person with dementia in in-home care in Los Angeles County, California, is one of the things you may do to help them manage their hygiene. Not only the patient but also his or her family will benefit from this decision.

Adept Touch In-Home Care Services LLC provides the highest quality care to our clients. We provide affordable services, available 365 days a year. Aside from assisting our clients with their personal hygiene, we also offer the following services:

Our in-home care services in Lomita, California, are only provided by our well-trained caregivers. This is because we believe that trained caregivers provide the highest quality of care to you or your loved one, know how to recognize when medical care is needed, and can help clients avoid injury around the home. We will provide assistance with the goal of not only ensuring that our clients keep healthy hygiene habits but also promoting independence and maintaining their dignity.

So, if you’re looking for home care aides in Orange County, California, don’t hesitate to contact us at (310) 483-9739.

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