How to Change Our Cravings for Bad Food


Each one of us has experienced cravings for a certain food at some point in our life. It’s the intense desire to eat a particular kind of food. It’s a very strong desire and very hard to resist. Whatever our cravings are, may it be for sugar or salt, they are considered normal. It’s just our body’s method of informing us what it requires to keep going. What we opt to eat may be a good or bad option. For example, when we have the urge to consume some sweet foods, that feeling can be satisfied by eating a slice of cake or consuming a serving of fruit. We can request from our caregivers such as those providing in-home care services in Lomita, California for healthy food options. The latter is a healthier option. What follows are some of the ways we can alter our cravings for bad food.

  • Begin slow.

    We can change food cravings one at a time. If our most difficult challenge is sweets, we can select a certain food to change. Then we can think about our worst weakness. Is our weakness chocolate, ice cream, candy, or perhaps cake? That’s where we should begin the change.

  • Find substitutes.

    If we are into chocolate, we can change to a small amount of dark chocolate. It’s the healthier option. If we loved mashed potatoes, we may opt to eat mashed cauliflower. The taste is similar to potatoes, and it’s very healthy. Using healthy food substitutes in meal preparation is highly recommended to maintain our overall well-being.

  • Relieve our stress.

    Several of us eat when we feel stressed. Let’s look for other ways to deal with stress. For instance, we can practice deep breathing, take a walk, call a friend or listen to music every time we crave a particular food. Our caregivers like the home care aides in Orange County, California can recommend ways to deal with stress as well.

  • Practice mindful eating.

    It’s recommended that we think about what we are eating as well as when we plan to eat them. Planning our meals ahead of time and eating properly can minimize impulse eating. We can focus on healthy choices. We can write down our fave substitutes on a list in order for us not to think of one every time. We just look at our list. We may request our personal care assistant/caregiver to help us plan healthy meals.

At Adept Touch In-Home Care Services LLC, our highly qualified healthcare professionals can aid you in changing your cravings for unhealthy foods and in keeping your overall well-being. Feel free to contact our in-home care in Los Angeles County, California.

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