Alzheimer’s Care: Managing Sleeping Pattern Changes

alzheimers-care-managing-sleeping-pattern-changesWhile most of us may have changed our sleeping schedules at some point, it’s a different case for people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Family members who have provided Alzheimer’s & dementia care may have seen their loved ones’ sleep habits shift drastically, resulting in a great deal of confusion and anxiety for the patients.

When one is already unsure of where they are and wakes up confused, it can lead to many sleepless nights. Our creating home care aides in Orange County, California, can assist your loved ones with Alzheimer’s in daily routines that include their regular schedule for activities and sleeping periods.

Additionally, a personal care assistant/caregiver should make the room as comfortable and relaxing as possible since this suggestion can significantly improve their sleeping patterns.

When other options don’t work, you should only use medication as a last resort to help them track their schedules more regularly and alleviate their pain.

Adept Touch In-Home Care Services LLC strives to provide you or your loved ones with consistent and high-quality in-home care in Los Angeles County, California.

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