How Can Dementia Be Dangerous?


Dementia is the umbrella term used to describe a range of conditions that affect one’s cognitive health. With conditions under dementia, problems with focus, comprehension, and memory will arise to the point where they can affect your functioning. Many may even need assistance with daily living to achieve a happy life at home.

As we provide in-home care services in Lomita, California, we understand that dementia can come with numerous hazards. How do conditions under dementia affect your safety at home?

With poor cognitive skills, identifying hazardous situations can be difficult. Poor recognition of these dangerous situations makes them nearly impossible to avoid.

Many areas of the house can also become increasingly dangerous with poor cognitive abilities. Staircases, slippery floors, narrow or cluttered passageways, and rooms with tools and pieces of equipment can induce harm to your loved ones with poor cognitive abilities. Make sure they are never alone in these dangerous areas.

Of course, one of the biggest threats for people with dementia is failing to locate their homes. Going missing can be common for those with dementia since they may not remember how to get home. Our home care aides in Orange County, California, are more than willing to assist and supervise your loved ones with dementia when they go out of their homes. This way, they can stay safe wherever they go.

Here at Adept Touch In-Home Care Services LLC, we’ll make sure you stay safe wherever you go with our in-home care in Los Angeles County, California. Reach out to us for your inquiries!

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